Offering your children musical opportunities since 2015.


Booking Via School

In most schools, you can book your child’s music lessons with your school by speaking to a member of staff such as the school secretary, or Head of Music.

Each school offers a different range of music lesson packages, all with different subsidies. Each school may also offer a different selection of instrumental options, depending on the uptake or space available.

To find out exactly what is on offer in your child’s school, including how much lessons may be, we would recommend speaking to your child’s school first.


Booking Direct With Us

In some schools, we have taken on all administration of music lessons on their behalf. If your child is interested in music lessons and is in what we call a Direct Billing school, you’ve come to the right place.

We have a bespoke system in place called Opus. This simple to use, fully bilingual system is where you can find out exactly what packages are on offer in your child’s school, as well as book music lessons, receive and pay invoices, and manage communications from us.

We also offer more than just music lessons. We host a variety of additional services, such as weekly ensembles, annual summer schools, well-being courses in half-terms, music exam visits, and so much more.

Opus System

Opus is your one-stop-shop, where you can book music lessons in any enrolled school, as well as book ensemble membership, or additional services such as places on summer courses, exam visits, etc. Opus handles more than just bookings, it provides you with a 24-hour platform to view and pay invoices, review communications from us about your child’s music lessons, and manage all other aspects of our services with ease.

Manage services anytime
Review & pay invoices online
All information in one place

All Parents

What To Expect

Central Contact

Our office is your central point of contact, providing someone you can call or e-mail with any query regarding your child’s music lessons or progress.


Assured Compliance

All our tutors are required to have valid DBS certificates and undergo regular safeguarding and child protection training. This provides you with the assurance that your child is in safe hands.

COVID-Safe Practices

All our tutors have undergone COVID aware training, and have not only the training, but the equipment in place to make sure your child’s music lesson is as safe as possible. 

Access to Instruments

We work closely with the local authority, and as such are responsible for all county-owned instruments. Your child having music lessons with us automatically entitles them with access to a musical instrument from county stock, to take home and practice with.

Access to Ensembles

We host a wide range of ensembles and choirs, both in school and after school. We welcome all pupils to our ensembles, regardless of whether they have music lessons with us or elsewhere.

Access to Other Services

We offer more than just music lessons. We offer a wide range of services for children and young people across North Wales, including summer schools, wellbeing courses, advanced musical workshops, all to name a few.